What We Do

Our mission is to promote and support
strategic giving for a more equitable
and sustainable society.

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India, a leading not-for-profit organization set up to promote and support strategic giving in India. We are a part of the global network of CAF organizations with offices in 11 countries – United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and the United States of America -- that distributes funds to over 90 countries around the world.

Initially established in the UK about 100 years back, CAF organisation has been supporting donors and other not-for-profit organisations in engaging themselves in the socio-developmental issues across the world. In the 1990s, with the growth of the middle class population in India, the philosophy of ‘strategic giving’ also started taking shape. Simultaneously the wealth in the developed nations was increasing and a lot of donors came forward to extend their support to developing economies like India.

Thus in 1998, the CAF India was set up as an independent charitable trust with a distinct governance. Since then CAF India has been providing strategic and management support to corporates, individuals and NGOs with an aim to ensure greater impact of their philanthropic and CSR investments.

We promote and support all socio development causes that positions us uniquely to address a wide cross sectoral span of donor interests. CAF India, with its dedicated team of experts, brings development sector knowledge and experience to take 'Giving' further.

We have more than a decade long proven track record of conducting due diligence of non-government organizations across India and have gained the trust of many individual donors, national and transnational companies, Foundations and institutions. CAF India has a wide range of 'giving' solutions which include Corporate giving, Payroll Giving, Individual giving etc. We have an impeccable record of serving large multinationals, Public Sector Undertakings, Indian commercial giants by delivering their CSR commitments successfully.

The projects pursued by us lends rigorous support to the marginalised societies in order to improve their socio-economic conditions. We provide expertise and the right resources to help our partners and donors identify the right NGO. We have performed due diligence checks on more than 2100+ NGOs, improving their capacity building scope for the future. Robust and impartial validation processes continue to be our competitive edge and this helps us establish trust amongst various NGOs which also facilitates increased engagement with the corporations.