FAQs on Click2Clean

1. What are the dos and don’ts of clicking and uploading the picture?

                   Public Spaces that can be clicked:

      • Outside premises of schools, colleges and other educational institutes.
      • Outside or inside public parks.
      • Outside markets places, malls, commercial complexes, cinema halls and theatres.
      • Outside city monuments (historical or contemporary).
      • Outside premises of worship (temples, mosques, churches, gurdwara etc.)
      • Bus stops and terminals.
      • Outside premises of hospitals and dispensaries.

                   Public spaces that cannot be clicked:

      • Individual houses, private housing societies and other privately owned property.
      • Indoor premises of schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, cinema halls.
      • Premises of metro stations premises.
      • Streets and roads with undefined limits.
      • Premises inside places of worship.
      • Indoor premises of city monuments and other place of historical relevance.

2. Where can you upload pictures?

The picture clicked by you can be shared on the Click2Clean Facebook page which is Please note that pictures uploaded on any other platform will not be accepted.

3. What should you keep in mind while uploading the picture?

  It is necessary to mention the following details while uploading the picture:

      • Your Full Name
      • Contact No. (Optional)
      • E-Mail id:
      • Location/complete address of the identified spot where the picture was clicked.  
      • Pledge to associate with the campaign for cleaning the clicked location.

4. How can you be part of the campaign after uploading the picture?

The individual’s pictures will be selected and acknowledged as ‘Cleanliness Ambassadors’.   These Cleanliness Ambassadors can work closely with implementing NGOs and can volunteer during cleanliness drives and community awareness building sessions.

5. What will be the selection procedure and criteria to select pictures of 100 city spaces where campaign will be rolled out?

Members from CAF India along with implementing NGO partners and members of local civic bodies and municipal authorities will form a panel to select 100 city spaces where CLICK2CLEAN campaign will be rolled out. The key criteria for selection include:

      • Pictures fulfilling all the terms and conditions of the campaign
      • Feasibility of undertaking a yearlong campaign
      • Avoiding duplication of efforts
      • Sustainability of the revived space

 6. What is the process and who are the stakeholders for CLICK2CLEAN campaign?

After a picture is selected, our partner NGOs along with the municipal authorities and local civic bodies will start mobilizing the community (residents, vendors, etc.) around that site to actively engage in this cleanliness initiative.

Community mobilization and awareness building programs will be organized by our partner NGOs to sensitize communities on sanitation and cleanliness.

The cleaning process will be implemented on the ground collectively by the local community (RWAs (Residents Welfare Association), youth groups, cleanliness ambassadors, vigilance groups etc.) our partner NGOs and municipal authorities.    

7. How will cleaned spaces be sustained?

Post the cleanliness drive, our partner NGO will continue to handhold and work with the community groups to sustain the program interventions as well as coordinate with the municipal authorities and local civic bodies.