“I would like to thank CAF India once again for supporting us with the water treatment units. All of them have been installed, mostly in schools, so that they can be properly maintained. The water quality is clear and good. Almost all the waterbodies are still contaminated in the flood affected district of Alleppey. Therefore, the support has come as a big relief to the people and is proving to be one of the factors helping them return to normalcy.

The installation of the units has led to the reduction in the usage of plastic bottles since the families of the area do not need to buy portable drinking water anymore. This is not only preventing the creation of further environmental hazards but also enabling families to save on much needed financial resources. The water treatment units have been greatly appreciated by the community, and we have been receiving requests to provide more such treatment units.”

Mr. Sudhanshu S. Singh
Chief Executive Officer 
Humanitarian Aid International

CAF India provides Water Treatment Units with Support from Symantec & HAI