Flood & Landslides in Mizoram




Mizoram is facing its worst floods in 50 years, leaving thousands homeless. The monsoon hit Mizoram after the depression in the Bay of Bengal entered the northeastern region, causing incessant rains and flash floods at several places in the hilly state. Nature's fury has claimed ten lives in Mizoram and rendered many homeless in the entire state. More than 2,000 houses have been completely submerged by the floods. Continuous rains have caused extensive damage in many districts across the state, with the incessant rain led to landslides and mudslides. This is the largest recorded flooding of the region's Tlawng River in the last 50 years. People have loosed their homes, their possessions and all they hold, as a sudden natural occurrence the likes of which has not been seen for over half-a-century sweeps the Northeast.

Lunglei District, the biggest District in Mizoram is surrounded on the north by Mamit and Serchhip Districts, on the south by Lawngtlai and Saiha Districts, on the east by Myanmar and on the west by Bangladesh. In Tlabung, which falls under the Lunglei District, hundreds of families have been evacuated from their homes, people have been shifted to friends' and families' homes and their belongings are being kept in community and church halls. Many other areas have also reported collapsed bridges and roads, which has brought traffic to a complete halt. Many water pipelines in the area have also been severely damaged. The flash floods have also completely blocked the road between Aizawl and Champhai, and have caused the 30 feet collapse of Tuirial Airfield Road (National Highway 54). The rainfall is still continuing in the state.

Humanitarian Appeal

Under this prevailing situation, CAF India stands with Mizoram to take up immediate humanitarian response through local charity partners and in coordination with the district administration. CAF India has raised a Humanitarian Appeal to secure funds for taking up the immediate relief. The humanitarian response team at CAF India is closely monitoring the weather and the impact of the disaster through regular communication and Situation Reports. In consultation with the district administration, Lunglei, Mizoram, immediate humanitarian response is being planned to meet the local lifesaving needs of the affected community in the shortest possible time. (Copy is annexed in the last page of the proposal).

Emerging Needs

Immediate relief

Budget requirements:

Sl. No.ActivityUnit cost in RsNo of UnitTotal amount in Rs
 1  Family Kit  5000  1000  50,00,000
 2  Shelter Repair  6500  200  12,50,000
 3  Restoration of community infrastructure in 8 villages  1,25,000  8  10,00,000
 Total: Seventy two lakh fifty thousand only  72,50,000

Time line:

Start Date: 1st July 2017

End Date: 30th August 2017

Time line:

Focal point for humanitarian response

Manoj Kumar Dash, Team Leader, Humanitarian Response, CAF India #9999445658, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Employee contribution: