The ravaging flood has not only rendered people homeless, but has also affected their livelihood options. There are families where the only earning member has died resulting in a major financial crisis. In the aftermath of this calamity, people of J&K would definitely need rehabilitation support and livelihood opportunities. The rehabilitation phase isĀ focusing on re-developing the social infrastructure in the community so that looking for a viable livelihood option does not become a challenge for the people. We plan to conduct a rehabilitation program that is aimed to reach 5000 households in an estimated time of 6 to 12 months through skill development tools and training.

The program will address the following concern areas and provide maximum support :

  1. School sanitation (Construction of toilets for girls and boys and hygiene education)
  2. Repair of shelter
  3. Livelihood support

Rehabilitation Support for Jammu & Kashmir Floods

Item Amount Per Unit Units Total
School Sanitation (Toilets for Girls & Boys and Hygiene Education) 200000 10 2,000,000
Repair of Shelter 20000 5000 100,000,000
Livelihood Support (Skills, Tools and Trainings) 10000 2000 20,000,000
Total 122,000,000