Key Outcomes

Situation before protection wall establishment in Pandukeshwar (Vishnuganga rivulet)
Protection wall after establishment in Pandukeshwar (Vishnuganga rivulet)


  1. Establishment of Protection wall by the Vishnu Ganga rivulet
    • Immediate safeguard to dwelling houses, safe shelter, socio-economic security of resident communities.
    • Soil, ecology of the area has been protected.
    • Rivulet has been channelized hence it has arrested the risk of breaching and devastating the embankment.
    • The protection wall has been accomplished with documented accolades from Grampanchayat representatives.
    • Communities feel much confident and less stressed.
Cutting & Tailoring Beneficiaries learning various skillsets under Master trainer (Roma Bhandari)


  1. Skill Development under Cutting and tailoring to 30 beneficiaries.
    • 40 Beneficiaries under cutting and tailoring have received training. The training has provided source of supplementary income to the families and sustainable livelihood.
    • The trained beneficiaries are meeting the immediate requirement of family thus saving them money and additional income through sale of service to resident populace. The training is helping other women to also envisage cutting and tailoring as valuable supplementary endeavor.
  2. Skill development under Poultry Cultivation to 33 beneficiaries:
    • 45 affected people have received training under poultry. This shall provide immediate income to the beneficiaries from sale of eggs and chicken.
    • The shared capacity are enabling the youth to take up poultry for income generation.
    • Opportunities under alternative livelihoods is proving effective and viable both for season and off-season tourism
Community Mobilisation - CAF India Visit
Community Orientation & Facilitation


  1. Community mobilization with collective corporation of Government, PRIs, CBOs, Mahila Mangal Dals, SHGs, NGOs and active social mobilizers:
    • Village Pandukeshwar has been declared as Badrinath of the winters (lord Badrinath is worshiped here in the winters). A constructive advocacy initiated by Shaksham project through deliberation for alternative scopes and further advocated by people representatives to ascertain tourism in summer and winter at Pandukeshwar.
    • Community strengthened in village governance, PRIs capacitated. It is seeking effective corporation of Lines department, Block and Sub-division administration in addressing socio-economic issues.
    • Project mobility through Gramsabha has provided the capacity to the village to undertake skill development and village development more effectively.