CAF India believes in the power of giving and sharing profoundly and has always worked towards sustaining this vision. We have reasons to encourage and foster this idea, considering the myriad challenges and issues our nation is facing today into ensuring basic minimum privileges for its citizens. CAF India's programs and initiatives are a way to gently remind our stakeholders that they have the power to change millions of lives facing unfair battles of poverty and compromised livelihoods.

Carrying on with the spirit to cover more ground, CAF India launched South India operations by opening a new office in the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru last quarter. The new office will help us to deliver the on-going projects operational in the region for a long time, effectively. It is the first of many steps to establish CAF India as a nationally known and recognized organization.

Delivering supplementary communication campaigns always help in generating interest and momentum around impending developmental concerns. CAF India's history of running successful campaigns for our corporate and NGO partners will follow this time to contain the vulnerability posed by the lack of comprehensive sanitation services in schools. Sanitation as a cause, always fared on the wish-list of government as the topmost priority but unfortunately, it is only recently that it has managed to gather effortsome attention from political circles, civil society organizations and corporates who have expressed their desires to work exclusively in the sector to deliver their CSR commitment.

I am hopeful that our efforts are reciprocated into realities giving chance to improve the quality of life for under-privileged ones out there.

Meenakshi Batra
Chief Executive – CAF India


Joyatri Roy
Regional representative, South

Launch of South India office

CAF India is growing graciously. After working in Delhi and supporting our partners in Mumbai, we recently opened an office in Bengaluru. Joyatri Roy is heading the region to expand CAF India's outreach and assist corporates for the ongoing projects.

"We couldn't think of a more conducive region than Bengaluru as it serves both strategic and growth interests of CAF India.

The expansion would help us in covering more ground with better liaison abilities and tap the potential the region holds in the field of CSR, opening a new chapter of opportunities and possibilities for CAF India and its prospective stakeholders. Bengaluru office will look after Business Development, Program Monitoring & Evaluation and Capacity Building initiatives for NGO partners."

Program Implementation:
Adding Values

CAF India Program Unit was pretty occupied delivering some major assignments and campaigns. We are taking forward the NDTV Coca Cola Support My School to Season 3.

Online gifting project 'Gift A Smile' with Amazon is spreading its horizon as 15 new NGOs have been brought under the campaign to include a number of causes that need attention, benefitting more people within different geographies.

We successfully covered more than 40% of the ground to monitor the impact and outreach of the ongoing programs for Microsoft IDC, Microsoft SMSG and Royal Bank of Scotland, (RBS) and duely submitted Annual Impact reports.

Our team facilitated Global Handwashing day as the ground partner with NDTV & Dettol and helped organize events at 5 locations: Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gujrat and Hyderabad. These events were aimed at raising awareness around hygiene and hand washing practices in school children.

We launched a new project supported by Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Ltd (RBEI). This project will allow us to channelize right mix of resources to the children in need.

Validation: Inspiring Credibility & Competition

NGO Validation & Partnerships unit at CAF India covered 21 NGOs assessing their suitability to handle projects, big or small.

To recognize the operational framework and skills of NGOs being validated by us, we now issue

Validation Certificates after due diligence assessment, as a mark of NGO's reformed capacity. The certificate remains valid for three years and requires timely reassessment in lieu of dynamic implementation practices.
How can you get your NGO validated.

CAF India pursues monitoring and evaluation exercises religiously to measure the impact of programs delivered with support from NGO partners and corporates. A case story put forth by our newsletter is the first hand narrative of real-life champions who have conquered their battles with the kind encouragement from corporate and individual donors.

… and it did, quite well too.

Arjun, an ordinary teenager, faced unordinary battles in joyous years of youth. Exposed to never ending family tussles, running away from home seemed to be a better idea to him than ending up alone on rough streets of Mumbai. Poverty and misery soon saw him doing unimaginable things to survive hunger, from begging to rag-picking.

Read more to know how Arjun escaped from the world of filth and poverty.


Her's is a story of broken promises, shredded responsibilities and emotional abuse. Marriage is the journey of togetherness, but for Asma, it brought upon loneliness.
Read more to know how Asma transformed her life.


Meet Anil Masiya, Project Officer, Project Implementation Unit at CAF India. Anil takes care of payroll giving, project monitoring and validation responsibilities for the organization. Anil's journey at CAF India began last year and he has assisted CAF India with valuable insights from the ground that has helped in bridging operational gaps originating during project implementation amidst challenging issues faced on the ground.

Anil's contribution since joining has been enormous, so far, he has already coordinated with 159 charities for Annual Impact Reports of CAF India payroll giving program and submitted further to respective donors, including RBS & Microsoft. Anil has already performed 209 project monitoring visits.

Anil pursues travel and plays Chess to rejuvenate his energies and spirits lost during exhaustive work. He likes to learn more and more about other cultures, interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, watching movies, news channels and often engages himself in political debates.

"My journey has been quite interesting and I have grown both on professional and personal fronts during my tenure at CAF India. The organization offers a fun loving, stimulating and supportive environment that inculcates a sense of belonging for the whole CAF India family. I enjoy every bit of work and hope to continue the good work in good spirits."


CAF India launches Right to Sanitation Campaign

CAF India launched the Right to Sanitation Campaign to raise awareness around sanitation as a legitimate cause and garner funds to provide sanitation infrastructure to the school children.
Read coverage by Afaqs

CAF India hosts Gaur Festival as an Official Partner

CAF India collaborated with the Hill Area Development Programme, Wildlife Trust of India and Rufford Foundation to organize Gaur Festival.
Click here for full coverage.


Right To Sanitation

The 'Right To Sanitation' (RTS) campaign aims to create an enabling environment for improved sanitation infrastructure and hygiene education in schools across India. We aim to cover 1000 schools across the country and facilitate construction of toilets, as per the strength of the students, ensure provision of regular supply of water as per the needs and requirements in each school.
Donate to support Right To Sanitation

AIRCEL-NDTV 'Save Our Tigers'

CAF India is facilitating the campaign by providing online space to support efforts to conserve Tigers. Funds raised from the campaign will channelize resources and mitigation measures to prevent poaching incidents by building buffer-zones and wildlife corridors to conserve the species.
Donate to Save Our Tigers

J & K Flood Donation

IIn September 2014, J&K valley was hit by a worst natural disaster with more than 5 lakh people affected and displaced. Several thousand villages across the state had been hit and 350 villages had been submerged. To provide relief and rehabilitation support, CAF India ran an individual and corporate fund raising campaign.
Donate to J&K Flood Relief

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CAF India participated in some important events and forums to share knowledge and experience.

Comprehending True CSR : Achieving Inclusive Business Models - a symposium on CSR organized by Global Hunt Foundation

Environment protection and community development: An innovative approach to CSR initiatives organized by GCNI

'Road to Safety' event organized by DIAGEO

ASSOCHAM Global Leadership Summit -cum- Awards on Climate Change and Calamities: Sharing of Experiences and Strategies by Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

AON Hewitt/ NASCOMM GIC NCR CEO forum – CAF India was invited to address CEOs participating in the forum to discuss about the work on RTS campaign. Connect with CAF India