CEO’s Foreword
It has been a very busy time for CAF India. Since the beginning of 2014, our team has been working very hard towards creating an effective philanthropic environment for donors and partners. Going forward, you will receive an official newsletter every quarter to keep you informed of our new initiatives, on-going campaigns, upcoming events and a lot more. Our newsletter will also feature inspiring stories of success and the impact made by your contributions.

The corporate sector in India is going through a transition phase with the introduction of the New Companies Act. As an organization, we have adapted to these changes by making functional modifications. We have broadened our existing CSR support framework to help us more accurately assess your CSR requirement and develop policies/strategies to suit the changing needs of philanthropy and development.

In order to be effective, digital outreach has almost become a pre-requisite tool in our sector. Recognizing this, and the growing needs of our digital audience, we are paying significant attention to expanding our digital footprint to ensure greater transparency for the convenience of our donors and partners. We will soon be launching a redesigned website; one that will be more dynamic and engaging for our audience. To make online giving more personal, we are developing an Online Giving Platform (OGP) which will help in providing a more powerful and enriching giving experience for our donors.

CAF India has had an impactful journey since it began its operations 15 years ago. By running successful philanthropic campaigns and fund raising activities, we have assisted thousands of donors, connecting them to committed NGOs to implement their programs and projects. I am confident that we will continue our work in supporting our partners to bring a positive difference in society.

I would like to thank all members of the CAF India family for their hard work in ensuring that we actively do our bit in transforming lives. I would also like to offer my appreciation to all our donors and partners for believing in us.

Thank you,
Meenakshi Batra

CAF India strengthens its CSR support

CAF India has always proactively supported its corporate partners by facilitating CSR initiatives and philanthropy. We have effectively managed several CSR initiatives over the last 15 years. The Companies Act 2013 has changed the CSR scenario in India. To meet the requirements emerging out of this new law, CAF India has strengthened the scope of its CSR support framework. In addition, we have also set up a dedicated advisory team to facilitate high-end support. This new team offers end-to-end solutions in building CSR policies/strategies, setting-up foundations, managing programs, campaigns, communications, events, and employee/volunteer engagement activities.


CSR Policy & Strategy Development
• Development of policy Framework
• Identifying areas to integrate CSR into the business practice
Program Development
• Baseline study/Needs assessment
• Program design and management
• Due dilligence
• Capacity building of NGOs
Program Delivery
• Grant management
• Monitoring
• Reporting
• Impact assessment
• Audit

Employee/ Volunteer Engagement
• Mapping volunteers’ interest and skills
• Making the most of your company’s assets through skilled volunteering
Communication & Visibility
• Creative campaigns /Events
• Branding & strategic communication and visibility
• Developing success stories/case studies
• Networking platform
In the news

1. CAF India has partnered with Amazon to launch `Gift a Smile’ initiative. It is an initiative where a donor can visit the amazon site and donate an item to a chosen charity.
Read more about 'Gift a Smile'.

2. This year during the tax saving months, donations to NGOs and causes had increased significantly. Times of India published an interesting article that includes CAF India’s point of view on giving in festive and tax saving months.
Please click here to read the article.

Annual offsite: Synergos 2014

As part of an annual retreat, CAF India team got together in a relaxed environment, away from office to mingle with each other and imbibe a greater sense of what each team had been working on in the last financial year.

Besides the team bonding sessions, each member of CAF India team discussed and pondered on various functional and operational areas, including strategic approach to work, programme management, thematic engagements, inter team coordination, capacity building, communications, finance and HR.

Our validation process offers more benefits now

As an organization, we believe in growing and consistently improving our processes to keep pace with changes in the non-profit sector. As part of that endeavour, we have revised our existing NGO validation process, and it now offers more benefits to both NGOs and corporates.

Through a robust framework of assessment, the NGOs we validate are reviewed on 17 parameters. Mandatory documents are also reviewed before the validation is considered complete. Our validation process is unique since it includes field visits to interview the chief functionary, stakeholders and staff members in order to get a complete organizational overview. Project site visits are also undertaken to develop a thorough understanding of the rapport of the NGO with the community they serve. Till date, we have validated more than 1600 NGOs.

There are several benefits that a partner NGO can draw from our validation.Once an NGO is validated, it is assured third party accreditation, making the NGO known to donors and eligible for fundraising through us. The validated NGO also gets first preference in CAF India’s capacity building and issue based networking initiatives. Not only the NGOs, our donors too benefit from our robust validation process. Our third party assessment facilitates increased accountability and transparency into grant making, resulting in value for money.

Partnership campaigns

Amazon Gift a Smile

CAF India joined hands with the e-commerce giant, Amazon India, to facilitate their online wish list project called “Gift a smile”. With this initiative, Amazon aims to help NGOs working in the area of children, women, elderly and other marginalised sections of the society by offering a unique opportunity to all its online buyers to donate in kind. We assisted Amazon in this campaign as the managing partners, reviewing & verifying the benefitting NGOs; based on their contribution to social welfare activities in the last three years; through our robust due diligence process.

Canon adopt a village

Canon adopt-a-village is an ambitious CSR initiative launched by Canon. This three year programme aims at transforming an adopted village by improving quality of education and providing eye care facilities for its inhabitants.

CAF India played a pivotal role in this initiative by conceiving the idea of adopting a village. We take pride in being the managing partner of this initiative with Samarthanam as the implementation partner. As part of this campaign, Mr. Kobayashi, President and CEO, Canon India Pvt. Ltd recently inaugurated the drive to adopt a government primary school in Maharaja Katte village in Karnataka.
Grants that transform lives

CAF India partners with NGOs working in areas of education, elderly care, animal welfare, children, community development, disability, environment, livelihood, special needs, women, art & heritage and disaster relief. We have donors; both corporate and individuals who generously donate to support these NGOs and their causes. In the last quarter, we raised INR 2.96 Crores and disbursed INR1.87 Crores to our partner NGOs.

Stories of impact

With the contributions that our donors make we have been able to support our partner NGOs in bringing a positive change in the society. The impact brought in by this change has lit up the lives of many, who had otherwise given up hopes of a better future. In this edition, we bring to you stories of two such individuals whose lives have changed with the support from two of our valued corporate donors – Microsoft and Accenture.

Finding light in darkness: Shanno’s story of determination

It is said that bigger the darkness, the easier it is to spot your little light. However, very few can motivate themselves to look for the light emanating from darkness. And those who can do that never seem to be in darkness again.

Shanno a 19 year old girl living in East Delhi’s Sundar Nagri had given up her studies after her father's demise. She started working at a nearby factory to earn her living. Shanno was approached and encouraged by a CHETNA educator to study further. CHETNA is an NGO which supports the empowerment of street and working children through education. As part of Microsoft’s payroll programme, Shanno’s education was funded through the NGO. Shanno started attending the Sunder Nagri education centre and actively participated in all the activities. In 2008 she was enrolled in 8th standard. She was also chosen the District and the National secretary of Badhte Kadam (BK), a federation for street and working children. The NGO supported her education by paying her complete admission and examination fees and she passed her 10th and 12th standard successfully. Now she has taken admission in Bachelors in Social Work at IGNOU. She works as advisor in BK and attends various meetings and functions encouraging children to fight for their rights. She has become a role model for many children and wants to become a successful lawyer and work for child rights.

Building skills, building confidence

Poonam, a resident of Punjab, spent each day in pain and humiliation at her in-law’s house. She was a victim of domestic violence but could not gather enough courage to step out of the house and make a life of her own with her three children. Since she was neither educated nor skilled, seeking a life away from her in-law’s house was an impossible wish until Meher rescued her. Meher is an NGO works in the area of skill building programmes for women in distress. Meher supported Poo
nam through Accenture's payroll giving programme.

At Meher, Poonam was not only counselled but was also taught stitching to earn her living. Poonam also got trained as a beautician at the NGO. Armed with multiple skills, Poonam is more confident about leading an independent life, away from her oppressors. She now lives with her children, giving them education and a good life.

Trainings/Workshops & Events

Capacity building workshop in collaboration with Accenture

CAF India has been involved in capacity building programmes for non-profits over the last five years. As part of this initiative, we have organized two workshops for 25 partner NGOs in collaboration with Accenture.

The participating NGOs were those who are active in vocational skill building, health care and educational programmes supported by Accenture. The workshop on capacity building was designed specifically to address the lack of an appropriate platform to share information and discuss the challenges and best practices. The purpose of organizing the workshop was to offer these NGOs, greater clarity on Accenture and its ‘Skill to Succeed’ program. It also helped them understand the role of CAF India in facilitating the projects. Most importantly, the aim was to equip the project managers with the managerial skills so they could implement and monitor the projects effectively. The workshops were held at Delhi and Bangalore. The Delhi workshop was organized on May 22 and 23, 2014, and in Bangalore from May 29 and 30.

Global Compact Network India (GCNI) knowledge sharing meet

CAF India hosted a knowledge sharing event for the Global Compact Network India (GCNI) on 25th April 2014 at India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi. GCNI is the Indian arm of the United Nations Global Compact and a global platform for businesses, civil organizations and public sector enterprises. The meeting was organized around the theme - 'Partnership and Collaboration for Effective CSR Implementation’. The meeting was attended by GCNI member organizations, corporate partners and NGOs, including CAF India’s senior management team

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