A revamped website for a better experience

The revamped CAF India website – www.cafindia.org – was launched on 30 April to enable our users to have a fresh and innovative browsing experience.The new

website is easier, faster and smoother to navigate through, and is compatible with the latest technologies, browsers, operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows) and tablets as well. What is more, it can also be easily accessed by people with disabilities. The information on the website has been structured to fulfill the diverse needs of our audiences. Corporates, NGOs and individuals can now visit our support portfolio to learn about our specialised services. Users can also visit our Stories of Hope section to see how we are changing lives and browse through the Giving Campaign section to donate to a cause of their choice. It is truly a website for all.

CAF India launches Media Fellowship Programme

On 27 May, we launched the Give2Asia supported Media Fellowship Programme to encourage writers and journalists to highlight development sector stories. The fellowship shall provide an opportunity for fellows to experience the social, economic and cultural life of

disadvantaged communities and reflect the status of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects as perceived by the community and other stakeholders. Through this unique initiative, we intend to bring forward the stories of real beneficiaries whose lives have been impacted positively. This, in turn, will help raise awareness and motivate citizens to give more effectively for causes close to their heart.

THANK YOU for helping Nepal

CAF India sprang into action when a devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April, killing more than 8,500 people and rendering thousands homeless. We launched an emergency appeal to extend support to the affected areas, in terms of both immediate relief as well as long term rehabilitation. Our Trustee visited Nepal

to assess the ground situation so that we could pool in the right resources for the victims. We would like to thank all the generous donors who came together to lend a helping hand to our neighboursSo far we have received Rs. 23 lakhs through individual donors alone! You can still donate here.

Collective research on corporate foundations for social development

We partnered with organisations like Prakruthi, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, National Foundation for India and others to conduct a study on Corporate Foundations (CFs), their incorporation, identity, operations,challenges and

resources. This study titled ‘Corporate foundations – An emerging development paradigm’ covered the top 300 listed companies.

It was found that most CF activities focused on promoting education, health and livelihood. However, not many foundations were found to be active in the states of Bihar, UP, West Bengal and Odisha, having the lowest socio- economic indicators. While companies lent credibility to CFs, the former benefitted from the sensitive and socially-aware image that was created through their association. Although their identity was linked to their company, the foundations found it challenging at times to be seen by the community merely as an extension of the company. The research report was finally launched on 29 May.

Solving water and women’s issues through SHE

Our association with USL-DIAGEO was recently strengthened when the latter took the initiative to provide corporate funding to support thematic causes like water, sanitation and health with a special focus on women and their empowerment. Keeping this in mind,

the project was named SHE. To get the process started, five NGO partners from five states – Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra – were selected to work on these thematic areas. Following this, we facilitated a baseline study to assess the nature and extent of intervention required in the target intervention villages during the project period.

According to the findings of our NGO partners, about 90 percent of the community does not have access to safe drinking water and the women have to travel about 1.5 to 3 km to fetch water every day. In order to develop innovative solutions to these issues, CAF India organised a project design workshop on 1 June with a team from DIAGEO-USL and the NGO partner organisations. The solutions from this workshop will be implemented to ensure that the project is a success and achieves greater social impact.

Madiwala Lake restoration gets a little push

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited (RBEI)initiated a volunteering programme for its employees and formed an ‘I-Volunteer’ team to paint trees surrounding the Madiwala lake in Bangalore.

CAF India had earlier carried out a needs assessment of the spot to understand what was required to help restore the lake to its original glory. It was found that the tree trunks needed to be painted with organic colours to safeguard them from bacterial infection during the monsoon.

After four rigorous hours of painting, nearly 60 employees of RBEI had managed to paint more than 300 trees. What started off as a volunteering activity, soon became an awareness drive with local residents of Bangalore joining in to paint trees in the park along with the RBEI employees. This initiative is a strong step towards the restoration of the lake.

CWT employees give thumbs up to GAYE

Our senior management team visited the Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) office on 2 June and interacted with the employees to help them understand CAF India’s payroll giving programme called ‘Give As You Earn’ and the concept of effective giving.

During this interaction our CEO, Meenakshi Batra applauded the employees for coming forward with the noble intention of helping disadvantaged communities


Awarding great community spirit

For the last four years, CAF India has been assisting DHFL Pramerica in awarding young individuals for their extraordinary contributions to community development work. For the Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards 2015, we helped screen

over 5,000 applications and were on the internal and external jury along with prominent personalities like Chetan Bhagat. More than 30 school children across India were acknowledged for their remarkable spirit.

AON celebrates World Giving Day

On the occasion of World Giving Day on 11 June, our payroll giving partner, Aon organised an orientation programme for young girls on their career goals.In addition, these girls received fellowships that would support their education. On this occasion CAF India representatives spoke about role in project implementation and also on the

varied services that we offer to our donors and NGO partners.


A gentle push towards better health

After being diagnosed with Cerebral palsy when she was just three years old, eight-year-old Priya had become a child with limited mobility and accessibility, which denied her the joy of engaging in playful activities or games. The disorder affected her muscle tone, movement,

and motor skills (the ability to move in a coordinated way), though she has control over her neck and trunk.

Through the CAF India - Amazon Gift a Smile initiative, Priya received special gifts that have added value, physical relief and extreme happiness to her life. As a child with limited mobility and accessibility, she could not play with other children in her neighborhood. Read more to know how we made life easier for Priya


CAF India acts as an enabler to promote the culture of giving in India

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Employees contribute to causes they believe in through payroll giving

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Media Fellowship Programme by CAF India

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Indian Football Captain, Sunil Chhetri lends support to CAF India’s earthquake appeal

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Check the complete list of media coverage on our website


The Right2Sanitation campaign has received very encouraging response from companies and individuals. The ‘One Microsoft Giving Programme’, which is being managed by CAF India, has strengthened its focus on the issue of sanitation for girls in government schools. The intervention is aiming to provide sanitation facilities and education to at least 8000 girls in 41 schools in Karnataka, Hayrana and Telengana. Besides Microsoft India, AON is also supporting our sanitation activities in three schools in the suburbs of Gurgaon, wherein eight new toilets will be constructed and 14 toilets renovated. Donate here if you feel about this cause and want to help in your own way!

Successful completion of Amazon Gift a Smile season 1

A rewarding and fulfilling first season of the Amazon Gift a Smile campaign has just concluded, but not before impacting nearly 15,000 lives. Through this unique in-kind donation campaign, generous online buyers donated 7,328 gift items to 29 validated NGOs, who distributed the gifts to the needy. CAF India assists Amazon in this campaign by verifying NGO partners who are working to benefit underprivileged children, women, elderly and other marginalised sections of society


We would like to thank Indian Football Captain, Sunil Chhetri for lending his voice to our Himalayan Earthquake Disaster Response campaign. Sunil has proven that he is not a hero merely on the football field but also beyond it. A big thank you to our captain for teaming up with CAF India and appealing to all to help rebuild the lives of those devastated by the earthquake.


CAF India Director, Avijeet Kumar was Invited to speak on ‘Need for Swachh Bharat – Focus of the country’ at a CII and UNICEF CSR Conference on Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in Chennai on 12 May 2015.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Recently, Carlson Wagonlit Travel joined hands with us for our payroll giving programme 'Give As You Earn’ (GAYE)


We recently partnered with Aircel to address the rising need of hygiene and sanitation in schools through the Aircel Swachh Vidyalaya initiative

Meet Bhavita Vaishnava who has been associated with CAF India for more than a year and brings with her more than 10 years of experience in the social development sector.

Bhavita Vaishnava, Manager, Corporate Advisory

Having worked in the areas of citizen participation, empowerment, ensuring effective governance structure and accountability with grassroots communities, Bhavita has designed various CSR programmes for our corporate partners including HFF (Herballife Family Foundation) and Aon, aimed towards empowering the youth through education and skill building. These projects aim to strengthen school infrastructure (sanitation and education), enhance skills and provide better education opportunities to the underprivileged youth. She has also worked on thematic conceptual analytical ideas like skill building, heritage art and culture, WASH education and sports for development.

Last year, CAF India launched the nation-wide Right2Sanitation (RTS) campaign and Bhavita was an integral part of the team that conceptualised the idea. Today RTS is supported by many corporate and individual donors across the country. Toilets are being

constructed and maintained, and school children and communities are receiving WASH education and training.

CAF India has given Bhavita plenty of opportunities to craft and design CSR initiatives for various corporates. She says, “I find it truly enriching to work with the corporates and understand their perceptions/approach towards development issues. The best part about being with CAF India is that I get to work with both civil society organisations and corporates, which is a unique experience on its own.”

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