Matched Giving

CAF India offers organisations a way of maximising their giving by
integrating CAF India's Give as you earn partnership model with
our Matched giving partnership model.


The companies can match the donations made by employees to maximise the impact of their contributions. This is a highly flexible programme that can be tailored to match the money donated, time given or contributions made by employees and gives an advantage to any organisation enabling them to create a matched giving model with us. They can have their own organisational giving account supporting community development projects with employees contributions, thereby working together towards creating a meaningful impact. Apart from the Matched giving model we also promote company accounts iirrespective of its GAYE in sync with Matched giving Partnership model.

Further we provide guidance to companies by creating unique initiatives and shares best practices to ensure that their giving is effective and delivers maximum impact.

CAF India assists you in:

Through CAF India Company Account, we seek to assist companies that are looking to develop closer links with their local communities but lack the human and technical resources to assess the viability of possible social initiatives and effective ways to implement them.

We work closely with companies by designing custom-made programmes, identifying charity partners and monitoring investments. CAF India Company Account is an ideal funding base for your community investment programme. It's benefits include making payments nation-wide, enabling us to validate all payments and regular monitoring of those payments.