GAYE Process: How does it work?

Once you sign-up for the programme, the process is easy to manage. Our experienced staff supports your employee and HR team through-out the Give As You Earn (GAYE) journey. Each participating employee submits a donor instruction form to highlight their choice to their payroll department – this instruction can be changed whenever employees wish to do so.

The following 4 simple steps then take place every month:

STEP 1 Payroll generates monthly report of employee sign ups/pledges

STEP 2 Payroll process the deductions from salary and send a notification & appropriate funds (inc. any matching payments) to CAF India

STEP 3 CAF India checks paperwork and processes instructions

STEP 4 CAF India disburses funds to charities

Tax exemption receipts and annual narrative and financial summaries are sent at the end of the year.

GAYE Programme Cost

GAYE programme is cost effective for both organisations as well employees. CAF India programme fee is shown below:

Validation: CAF India conducts annual due diligence of beneficiary NGO's and the cost is INR 20000. Site visit cost is calcualted as per actuals

Administraion: 8-10% of total amount disbursed each month (employee contribution plus match)

Additional :CAF India performs revalidation every 3 year in order to protect compnay and employee investments. Also, there could be GAYE need -based even