Voluntography to help NGOs tell their story!

Does the idea of voluntography appeal to you? If yes, then, here's your opportunity to be part of charity's life changing development work. CAF India is looking for photographers/photojournalist to be part of our volunteering program.

Many charitable organizations need high quality, impactful photos to tell their stories/appeals, apply for grants, raise funds and increase public awareness but often they cannot afford to do this due to financial constraints or lack of right talent. Mostly, the NGO folks are not professional photographers and hence they click pictures that are either amateur or lacks perspective.

Volunteering for photography is a rewarding way to contribute to a cause you care about and give back to your community in a meaningful manner. The Chinese proverb, "one picture is worth thousand words" certainly holds true as it helps to bring gravity of the events and situation to people's attention. As a photo-volunteer you can help a charity with the vital role of engaging supporters and mobilize resources. Your time and talent can benefit many underprivileged while giving you valuable experience.

About the volunteering program

The communications team at CAF India is looking for volunteers across PAN India to help click photos for our credible NGO network. The images that you capture will be used online as well as NGO and CAF India's publications. We want to involve volunteers meaningfully in what we and our NGO's do and utilize their skills, ideas, approaches and enthusiasm for social good. Your work will be used to help document the charitable work of the development sector.

What you gain?

How to register

Interested candidates, please fill the online form to register. Click to register
For any further clarity you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms & conditions:

  1. Must have own camera and equipment.
  2. Age requirement: Must be at least 21 years old
  3. You must provide CAF India the CDs of your images as agreed at the start of the assignment
  4. You need to have consent/permission from both the NGO and beneficiary to be photographed and hence Permission & Waiver form will be provided to you. This should be submitted to CAF India before you start your photography.
  5. You will have a lot of freedom with your photography; however, the program lead will work directly with each Photographer to assign scope of work.
  6. Be committed to our equal opportunities policy and uphold it in all that you do inside and outside our organization
  7. Bear in mind that you represent us, make sure you think about what you say when you deal with outside agencies; and treat staff, our resources and other volunteers with respect.
  8. Should be sensitive towards all genders. We will provide you specific guidelines to comply with gender sensitivity especially in-case of photographing women and children.