Grant Management

Grantmaking (GM) is an integral part of all the
activities taking place in CAF India.

The key process involved under Grant Making are :

Identifying and validating suitable NGO partner

CAF India has more than 17 years of demonstrated track record of validating voluntary organizations for corporate donors, international foundations, transnational and high net worth individuals. Our key strength lies in doing independent and in-depth due diligence of non-profits and providing an impartial and robust assessment. Through this process, CAF India identifies suitable NGO partners and other agencies who can effectively implement the program at grassroots level.

Project Formulation

We ensure the program design reflects local needs and creates sustainable shared value for communities. The project planning phase includes conceptualization to full-fledged proposal development with baseline/need assessment, activity work plan, budgets, timelines etc.

Project Delivery

MoU is signed with the donor based on the agreed deliverables. We ensure adherence to ethical and social equity policies such as child protection, gender equity, anti-corruption, social inclusion etc.

Financial Management and Compliances

We have regularly managed the grants in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner. CAF India has a robust financial management system and adequate resources to manage large grants. We have a nationwide Independent panel of Auditors (IA) to utilise their services to conduct audit of the grants provided to NGO partners. Accounting is done on the software package using computerized MIS system to track the budget and spend. We use software like DMSHIVE to maintain a donor database, monitor each donation and we ensure all regulatory compliance and government reporting as per Companies Act 2013.

Develop Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework

Evaluating the effectiveness of CSR programs is one of the most important steps for end-to-end implementation of programs. We provide technical support in developing the M&E framework for the projects, define processes and reporting framework to measure outcomes and monitor progress. We also make field visits at regular intervals based on the pre-determined monitoring indicators.

Reporting and Documentation

CAF India develops the creative documentation of the community-based projects and other documents like project reports, annual reports, strategy documents, documentation of case studies/success stories and other learnings. Our role is to ensure quality of the reports. NGO partners report on the archived deliverables, financial utilization and challenges faced. The reports are reviewed, and synthesized and then shared with the donor. The donors are also helped in developing reporting framework of their CSR activities at the end of the project, the monthly/quarterly/annual reports are reviewed internally are also shared with the donor. Closure reports are prepared towards the end of the project.


We ensure sustainability right from the beginning by involving community, NGOs and important stakeholder in designing the planning stage of the project. We undertake a participatory process to identify the most appropriate enduring mechanism and engage partners for providing resources to carry forward our project learnings. Sustainability of the project is ensured though greater ownership by the community and stakeholder participation and develop the feedback mechanism in the project.