Our Experience

CAF India, with its 17 years of expertise and experience is ideally positioned to conceptualize the program design and delivery to provide an innovative solution driven response to various social initiatives. Our programmatic expertise and technical team conceptualizes, designs strategies for efficient and effective management as well as implementation of programs. We ensure the program design reflects local developmental needs and creates sustainable shared value for communities. We have managed numerous projects across a diverse portfolio of sectors, including social Entrepreneurship, women Empowerment, education, livelihood, water, sanitation and health (WASH), disaster management, skill-based support and training of persons with disabilities, forwarding of out-of-school girl children into formal schools and providing basic life skills education to street and working children, and health and sanitation issues. We provide advisory and undertake grant making work for several national and international foundations, United Nations, corporates, PSUs, HNIs and individual donors

CAF India has a wide range of giving solutions which includes Corporate Giving, Give As You Earn, Thematic Program Fund, Trust Fund and a variety of products for Individual Giving. We also support our client's 'giving' portfolios with our extensive knowledge and experience of development sector issues across the country. We have a decade long proven track record of conducting due diligence of non-government organizations across India and have gained the trust of many individual donors, national and transnational companies, foundations and institutions. We have well researched donation options for area and theme based programming that enables donors to choose issues and geographical areas of their interest. We have set up and administered Donor Advised Funds for national and foreign High Net worth individuals (resident and non-resident Indians). We also manage project based grants on their behalf for education, health and livelihood needs of socially and economically deprived segments of society. We have a demonstrated track record of a robust financial management system in place. It has a nationwide Independent panel of Auditors (IA) to utilise their services to conduct audit of the grants provided to NGO partners. We have developed a comprehensive framework to audit the grants by the highly experienced independent auditors at the field level. The framework contract enables us to do the Grant Audit and Financial Management Systems Audit.