Thematic Areas


We are currently supporting healthcare for elderly, building laboratory facilities, generating awareness and implementating Govt. health programmes, addressing Kalazar, health and sanitation issues with special focus on women and children in rural areas. We raise funds to support NGO partners across various states to help focus on critical health-related issues that need urgent attention. 


We are managing more than 20 educational projects across the country, including Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, UP, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. We are managing educational projects with our NGOs working with NDTV Coca Cola Support My School (SMS) project, which has now entered season 3 after receiving overwhelming response from the community, donors and other stakeholders. The project is essentially conceptualized and designed to create mass awareness about how collaborative efforts could improve awareness on water and sanitation amongst students, by improving the conditions of schools in India. The project has been able to promote sustainable and innovative technology in water harvesting, sanitation/drinking water has benefited more than 50,000 children till now. 


We have been handling wide range of livelihood projects to comprehensively strengthen the thematic areas community's scope of income and investment. We have partnered with various NGOs across the country for livelihood projects. We extend our support to vocational training, computer training and skill development projects which have benefited thousands of people so far. The projects are spread across many states, including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.


We are committed to the cause of disability and it is one of the core thematic interventions. It provides skill based support to special women for a sustainable livelihood. We give financial support for training and placement of people with disabilities through our partner NGOs. Thousands benefited from our disability projects so far. We also organized the biggest cycling event, 'Godrej Eon Tour de India' - Delhi, in the month of December 2013. The funds raised from this campaign have been going towards helping the underprivileged, especially those suffering from disability. CAF India has invested substantial amount of money for the benefit of the disabled people. 


We help out-of-school girl children register in formal schools, providing basic life skills, education to street and working children, to ensure that all children (some are orphans, some infected/affected by HIV/AIDS) have access to formal education and be provided with opportunities for overall development. Since 2011, CAF India has managed to raise $ 258699 for 6 NGO partners in 2 states – Maharashtra and Delhi. The number of beneficiaries are 10, 430 children. Currently, we are managing a 6 months pilot project on women empowerment, which has a budget of $76,582 that aims at reaching out to 25,000 women in 2 locations (Delhi and Bangalore) of India.


We are determined to work for the socio economic development of underprivileged women, providing livelihood to vulnerable young children, construction of additional accommodation and to ameliorate the vulnerable condition of girls with leprosy by providing them with food, clothing, shelter, education and empowering them through training programs and vocational training. We also hold capacity building programmes on building leadership vision for self-help groups. We have raised funds for NGOs and helped improve the condition of underprivileged women across many states, including Delhi, Haryana, West Bengal & Karnataka.


Taking the issue of environmental hazards seriously, we support projects which help the target groups about the process of vermin-composting i.e. how to convert biodegradable waste into nutrient rich organic manure using compost worms. We audit the waste generated by donor in its retail stores, and determine the quantity and type of waste generated, to identify future steps for waste reduction goals. CAF India has managed environmental projects across few states, that includes Uttar Pradesh & New Delhi. 


In 2005, with support from Give2Asia and several institutional, corporate and individual donors, a USD 1.5 million Tsunami Rebuilding Lives Fund was created for relief and rehabilitation. CAF India spearheaded emergency seed bank for the cyclone-AILA that affected marginal farmers. Recently, we carried out dynamic relief operation in the flood affected state of Uttarakhand and set up a Disaster Relief Fund to support relief and rehabilitation for the selected villages. We have covered more than 500 families in Chamoli and other affected districts of the state. CAF India is also a member of the Interagency Coordination Committee in Uttarakhand.


In the community development area, we worked with NGO partners for revival of a pond, which is of cultural significance for the community as many derive most of their livelihood support from the pond. CAF India spearheaded this unique project in Uttar Pradesh. 


In 1999, with the support of Ford Foundation, our first monograph on Diaspora research was published. In 2000, with grant support from Rockefeller Foundation, we published Mapping for Diaspora Investment in the Social Development Sector in India, a book that facilitates Diaspora philanthropy in the social development sector in India. The same year we received a grant from Planning Commission for NGO validation and published a report titled 'Dimensions of Voluntary Sector in India.". In the year 2003 , we released 2 publications - "Working with Non-profit Sector'' (support from Rockefeller Foundation) and 'Indian Diaspora and giving patterns of Indian Americans in USA" (Support from USAID).