Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Validation

What is validation?

Validation is verification & conformance of credibility & competence of an organization through a detailed and impartial analysis ('due diligence') of organizational & programmatic practices followed by an organization.

What are the benefits of validation to me as an NGO?

I am a donor. What are benefits of validation to me as a donor?

What is the experience of CAF India in validation & due diligence of NGOs?

Validation of NGOs is one of the core competencies of CAF India that works with a mission to mobilize resources for the NGOs and engage with non-profit organizations in ways that make them stronger, dependable and more effective. CAF India validation process has been referred to and sourced by different organizations, including Planning Commission and many Corporates, to set up and run their own systems of accreditation. Numbers of NGOs have approached CAF India for validations, and our due diligence is also an instant pick of prospective donors. CAF India has more than 14 years of demonstrated track record of conducting validation of voluntary organizations for international Foundations, trans-national corporations and high net worth individuals. Till date, CAF India has carried out validation exercise of over 2100 validated charities that work across diverse areas like, children, education, health care, livelihoods, aged, animal welfare and environment amongst others. In the financial year 2017-18, CAF India has conducted validations/revalidations for 284 NGOs. The response of the NGOs is quite encouraging and they find the intervention pretty useful in terms of enhancing credibility and improving competency.

What is the Process and timelines of Validation?

Please see Validation Process.

Is there any eligibility criterion for validation?

For validation, it is expected that the organization is registered as Society/Trust/Company under section 25 (not for profit company), be functional for the last (at least) three years and has basic legal, regulatory & financial compliances in place.

How to Apply for NGO validation?

Before sending the request for validation, you are requested to go through the details mentioned w.r.t validation & its processes in our NGO validation & Partnerships section/FAQs. Further, if you wish to apply for validation, do send us an e-mail stating clearly in the subject line Request for Validation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, you may also send the letter of request for validation in the following address:-

NGO Credibility & Engagement Team
Charities Aid Foundation India 
Plot / Site No.2, First Floor, Sector C (OFC Pocket) 
Nelson Mandela Marg, New Delhi - 110 070, India 
Phone: +91 11 26134192-98

Upon initial request for validation is received from the NGO, they will be intimated on the procedures in detail, the formats & information/document to be sent along with the requisite fee and the modality of payment within a specified timeframe.

What is done after Validation?

After validation, a letter with certificate of validation is issued to the NGO which remains valid for the 1 year after which revalidation of NGOs is required. The validated NGOs remain in the database of CAF validated charities and will be contacted upon by CAF India depending upon the locational & programmatic priorities of a particular donor. Accordingly, Grant Making team at CAF India will facilitate submission of concept notes and project formulations. Please note that A CAF validation does not guarantee funding, but provides an option for donors to choose from a list of validated charities working across sectors in-country. Should a donor be interested in your organization we will contact you and facilitate a proposal. The decision to fund or not to fund is entirely up to the donor and is not at CAF's discretion.

Why a revalidation of NGO is needed?

CAF India works with NGO partners which are validated by it on the parameters of different organizational & programmatic practices including legal & regulatory compliances. From April 2018 onwards, CAF India has made a strategic decision to have the validation of a charity/NGO applicable only for 1 year, after which the charity will have to revalidate itself. This is owing to the fact that an organization's status on governance, legal, fiscal & regulatory compliances (with requisite renewals), staff structure, financial positions, programmatic strategies and partners may change in a period of 1 year, thus having implications on the validity status. The revalidation will look these changes through a comprehensive re-assessment. Thus the 1 year norm will address this dynamic nature of NGO's institutional health and help to ensure more effective governance, accountability and transparency of the validated partners. This is also necessary for the donor's assurance about the credentials of an organization on a much continued basis.

What are Capacity Building interventions of NGO validation & Partnerships?

Please see the section on Capacity Building