For NGOs

The landscape of civil society in India has observed 
growth and demand for better quality where
accountability is gradually gaining momentum.

With the current legislative and policy regime, companies are increasingly being mandated to take social responsibilities as a means of delivering value. This requires them to work in partnership with credible & efficient civil society organizations. In the changing milieu, NGOs need enhanced credibility & visibility among donors, improved organizational & programmatic practices for sustainable fund-raising possibilities. We address these needs and bring forward our agenda to promote & enhance credibility and competence of the voluntary sector, we have strengthened our NGO Validation & Due Diligence division. In order to add clarity to the scope of support we wish to offer, our validation unit has now been renamed as "NGO Validation & Partnerships".

Get your NGO Validated

This would enable the donors identify, select and maintain continued association with credible & competent NGO partners ensuring maximum impact

Building credibility >

Capacity Building

The NGO Validation & Partnerships initiative of CAF India also aims to strengthen the overall organizational and programmatic practices of NGOs

Helping mobilise donor resources >

Project Formulation

Conceptualization to full-fledged proposal development with baseline/need assessment, activity work plan, budgets, timelines

Developing strategic approaches >