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Editor's Note

A warm welcome to CAF India's first newsletter in 2011. We stand at the conclusion of what has been the decade where we've come into our own. 2000 -10 is what has defined the fabric of who we are, what we stand for and what we hope to be. You have been an integral part of this last decade for CAF India. This newsletter is a forum for CAF India's donors, partners and associates to exchange information and learn from each other. This newsletter is a glimpse of CAF India's response to the 12 causes we support, in partnership with our communities and NGO partners.

We look forward to strengthening

our work through effective partnerships with a wide range of communities, organisations and individuals committed to support community action in India. You can help us make this newsletter interesting and informative by sending your inputs in terms of field case studies, information/updates on our work and much more in the specific fields of the causes that CAF India supports.

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Highlight of the last Quarter
CAF India in partnership with Coca-Cola, Sulabh International, UN-Habitat and NDTV launched the Support My School Campaign.
A nationwide assessment of random schools by CAF India in 2010 identified serious gaps in water and sanitation system, budgetary provisions and children's hygiene practices. There is an immediate need for more investment in these components for schools to become an important institution not just for child development, but as an extension of community development.

Based on the learning of hitherto executed projects and the nationwide assessment, CAF India in partnership with Coca- Cola, Sulabh International, UN-Habitat and NDTV is looking to undertake school centered and community-based demonstration projects. These will bocus or water and sanitation infrastructure and value-based water and sanitation education in selected schools of India. The purpose of the project will be to highlight and create awareness about the poor conditions of water and sanitation in Indian schools. It will also and showcase the possibility of developing best practice Public Private Partnership (PPP) models for implementing school-based integrated water, sanitation and hygiene projects, to maximize education and health benefits for students, in a manner that is cost-effective, sustainable, and of greater impact.

The Support My School Campaign will provide/improve and integrate five components in selected schools for better basic infrastructure, student enrolment and retention, learning achievement, health and hygiene behaviour. The work is to be carried out across 100 schools in 10-12 states across the country. It is being planned as activities for clusters of 7-15 schools in each area. CAF India is onboard as a key partner to help implement and execute the Support My School campaign. The campaign works with Government, Municipal and NGO/Trust-run schools.
The execution entails the overall management and on ground implementation of the campaign. The spectrum of activity ranges from Identifying NGOs, schools to issuing tax exemption receipts to all donors.

Schools identified will be basis of our referred national assessment survey and from those run by Government/NGOs/Trust. This selection will be pan India, including states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP, Punjab, Delhi, West Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
The Campaign is supported by Sachin Tendulkar.