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Through RTS Challenge, CAF India wants to involve more and more people into the campaign, thereby making everyone aware of the dilapidated state of toilets in rural & urban schools, communities and households and the need to build/renovate them on priority.

As part of the challenge, you take away someone's right to sanitation, by sealing his/her toilet for an hour. Those participating in the challenge will have to hold for as long as the toilets remain closed. By doing this, you help raise awareness on the problems, 3 crore school going kids in rural India face on a daily basis. Due to lack of sanitation facilities, these kids can't relieve themselves at their will and hold as long as possible, at times, till the end of day. This inconvenience faced at school compels girls to drop-out from schools. The women and adolescent girls become more vulnerable and suffer through loss of dignity, abuse and harassment, while defecating in the open.

Through this challenge, you will make others experience the plight of men, women and children and encourage them to support the cause wholeheartedly.

At the end of the challenge, the participants will donate to the cause and post a selfie of their's on Facebook with hashtag RTS (#RTS) and challenge another person friends/relatives to take part in the challenge by mentioning their name along with hashtag RTS (#RTS).

Come forward to support the cause by filing 'RTS challenge". The more RTS you file, the more people continue to enjoy a hygienic experience. Support RTS, file your RTS, today!
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