Strategic interventions and key activities :

Strategic InterventionKey Activities
Development of child friendly infrastructure
  • Provision of safe drinking water - Water storage, pumping & purification facilities, provision of taps at an appropriate height.
  • Strengthening sanitation facilities - Constructing need-based urinals, latrines, wash basins, separate toilets for boys & girls.
  • Building water conservation / rain water harvesting facilities.
  • Instituting sports facilities based on requirement, development of playground etc.
  • Ram facility for disabled children.
  • Construction of classrooms, kitchen, common room, libraries.
  • Installation of computer, internet, e-learning centre.
Capacity building of teachers
  • Creating a pool of qualified primary school teachers - Pre-service teacher training.
  • Equipping teachers of rural primary schools with skills - train them to understand child-centric education.
  • Refresh training for current teachers.
  • Development of teacher training curriculum.
Vocational training programme and life skills education
  • Certificate and diploma programme for high school drop students.
  • Skill development programme for on-going students.
  • Providing counselling session to students, workshops on life skills etc.
  • WASH training for students.
Awareness generation and community based advocacy for quality education
  • Capacity building of PTA, school management committee, village management (education) committee on their roles and responsibility.
  • Community based awareness generation programme.
  • Promoting the concept of community based monitoring and auditing of education programme.