A lack of proper avenues for sharing knowledge and skills has hampered the efforts of many qualified professionals wishing to contribute to a social cause.

Building Partnership

Our experience over the years has enhanced our approach of creating a pool of volunteers from the corporate world who can share their valuable knowledge and experience with schools and NGOs. We have developed a wide range of partnerships with NGOs and schools, where qualified and trained professionals can contribute by raising the quality of their programmes. 

Strategic Networking

We create networks of stakeholders working towards a common cause and forge strategic partnerships for sharing knowledge and resources, cross-fertilizing ideas, showcasing best practice and the joint implementation of programmes and advocacy. We are uniquely positioned to bring NGOs, companies, the UN and the Government under one roof and work collectively to achieve a common goal.

Effective Knowledge Management

Effective use of knowledge for greater impact has always been a major challenge for organizations working with the education sector in India. Many organizations across the country have done commendable work in this sector, but the lack of a proper platform to share their work has often reduced its impact. CAF India strives to showcase good practices, research work and training modules/materials to a wider audience, enabling more organizations to learn and adopt effective ways of working. Our platform also provides special services to clients in which we undertake quality research work to influence decision-making. Our knowledge management unit ensures that donors, NGOs and other stakeholders have access to the body of knowledge required to take informed decisions. 

Corporate Advocacy

CAF India has been working closely with leading Indian companies for many years to transform the lives of marginalized people. The visible changes seen within the business environment and the continuous demand from many quarters - including the Government's efforts to make companies more accountable and socially responsible – has influenced companies to adhere to the National Voluntary Guidelines on the Social, Environmental and Economic responsibilities of Business, set down by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India.

In the education sector, where issues of quality and access continue to be major challenges for the Government, companies can play a crucial role. As business organisations have financial resources, a professional work culture and stricter accountability mechanisms, a lot can be learnt from them to improve the education system of our country. Our experience suggests that this can only be achieved by building strategic partnerships with companies based on trust, cooperation and transparency.