CAF India, through its partnerships with NGOs, has made 
a positive impact in the lives of the weaker section  
and strengthened communities' scope to generate income.

The Areas include:

  • Sustainable livelihood enhancement and improved access to financial services
  • Developing rural entrepreneurship
  • Need-based capacity building of the beneficiaries for specific income-generation activities
  • Strengthening the existing livelihood of the communities
  • Training of the NGOs and communities to hone their skills
  • Monitoring and evaluation of livelihood projects
  • Encouraging women's livelihoods
  • Initiatives towards a more sustainable growth
  • Youth vocational and skill development

Type of Beneficiaries:

  • Youth with disability 
  • Children with autism
  • Visually challenged and hearing impaired children
  • Unemployed youth
  • Underprivileged children
  • Youth affected by substance abuse