CSR Colloquium of Indian Communicators


Today many communication professionals play a vital role in managing CSR and engaging consumers through disclosure of responsible and sustainable business practices. With this new dimension added, communicators are challenged with adapting complexities of CSR in a holistic manner. Program ideation, execution and reporting for CSR are assuming greater significance in this constantly evolving landscape.

Once considered marginal to companies’ main businesses, CSR has become the new mantra of the corporate world. It is now being strategically integrated in business models to achieve social development agenda along with enhancing equity for brands. The Global CSR Report 2015 captured that ‘nine-in-10 consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit and operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. 84 per cent of consumers look for responsible products whenever possible.’ With this increasing CSR need and consumer demand, communication domain has also undergone an elusive expansion.

To address the intricacies and challenges of this integrated sphere, CAF India has curated CCIC – a unique CSR Colloquium for Indian Communicators. The colloquium is:

  • An exclusive stakeholder dialogue platform for CSR knowledge-sharing
  • A distinctive forum for CSR communicators for peer networking
  • A think tank to foster brand building for social undertakings

The colloquium aims at establishing a network of specialists to address challenges inherent in CSR through stakeholder dialogue and building a discourse on what more can be done to simplify understanding of the field. The platform would allow corporate communication professionals to strategize a comprehensive framework to manage CSR. In a nutshell, CCIC envisions:

    • Strengthen on-going CSR initiatives: Participate in focus group discussion and develop succinct ways to refashion ongoing CSR initiatives in thematic area of interest of the organization


    • Nurture social alliances: Share a common platform for knowledge exchange within communication professionals to establish the need to build strong social alliances to concretize ongoing CSR initiatives


    • Establish Global Leadership: Attain a unique position in respective stream of business, as well as a progressive entity in a global scenario by demonstrating potential to bring social change benefiting the society at large


  • Enhance impact communication: Recommend communications strategies to advance CSR agenda in the country to resonate credibly with the consumer and stakeholders