World Giving Index 2021


The CAF World Giving Index is based on data from Gallup’s World View World Poll, which is an ongoing research project. For this edition, data has been included for 114 countries, representing over 90% of the global adult population. The survey asks questions on many different aspects of life today including giving behaviour.

In March 2020, Gallup paused data collection worldwide as it assessed risk in the face of the emerging pandemic. In May 2020, Gallup initiated contingency data collection plans, replacing face to face interviews (the usual data collection method in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, former Soviet states, developing Asia, the Middle East and Africa) with telephone based interview. This change is not considered to have had a material impact on the findings detailed in this report.



Key Findings


    • India is one of the fastest climbers on the Index, it ranks 14 this year, in the 10th Anniversary report, India ranked 82


    • This year’s survey highlights the impact of lockdowns on charitable giving, as the USA, Canada, Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands — all fell out of the highest rankings. Only Australia and New Zealand, where the survey was undertaken in the weeks before the first wave of the pandemic took hold, maintained their top 10 rankings.


    • Several countries have moved up the rankings and made their first appearance in the top 10, including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Kosovo – but whilst their overall giving scores have increased somewhat, their rise is driven by the relative decline of other countries.


    • Communities around the world mobilised to help fellow citizens during the pandemic, resulting in the highest ‘helped a stranger’ figures since 2009. More than half (55%) of the world’s adults – or 3 billion people – reported helping someone they didn’t know in 2020.


    • Similarly, more people donated money in 2020 than had done so in the last five years (31%). Levels of volunteering in 2020 are broadly unchanged at the global level.


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