A sister of five becomes a role model for hundreds

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A sister of five becomes a role model for hundreds


Living in a family of eight, with her father being the only earning member to support, Poonam Gangwal didn’t have much of a choice to pursue her dreams.

As a young girl, she had to compromise on her education, but having completed the eight standard, she fortunately knew how to read. Her curiosity, hard working nature and dedication paid off when she got enrolled in a training on stitching by READ, an NGO validated and supported by CAF India, and aided by our corporate partner Walmart.

After learning how to stitch, Poonam soon began to pitch in for the family. She is now an18-year-old entrepreneur, motivating many like her who were also once uncertain about their future. 

In spite of the odds, Poonam has reached a position from where she stands out in the crowd. An inspiration for many girls, her new-found confidence and satisfaction at earning for herself and her family, is evident from her happy face.

Poonam is among more than 3000 women from Geejgarh in Rajasthan, who were once struggling in life,
but are now empowered decision-makers, leading a life of dignity.