Abandoned by parents, 8 year old Manthan is fighting Cerebral Palsy bravely

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Abandoned by parents, 8 year old Manthan is fighting Cerebral Palsy bravely


Holding and drinking water out of a tumbler or walking on own is an easy task for any 8 year old, but not for Manthan. Manthan was born with Cerebral Palsy like his two elder sisters and were abandoned by both their parents when they were very young. The three children now live with their old grandparents in a slum in south Delhi. Manthan’s grandparents survive on their old age pensions and the disability pensions received by the children, but it does not even cover their basic necessities. Manthan used to suffer from acute seizures regularly and had to go to the doctor for regular check-ups, further burdening them financially.  A ray of hope entered  Manthan’s life when he got enrolled into the Rahat program run by CAF India-supported NGO Astha.

Astha provided psychological support to Manthan. Rahat group sessions are being held at Manthan’ house where other specially-abled children also attend the meetings. Prior to enrolling himself in the Rahat group, Manthan was not even able to perform simple tasks such as picking up beads or toffees nor could he stand or walk on his own. After attending the program regularly and by constant therapeutic exercises he has come a long way, he has become a lot more independent and the frequency of the seizures has reduced significantly. Today, he is able to walk a few steps on his own, is able to hold the tumbler and drink water by himself, can push buttons on a keyboard, is adapted to proper toileting schedule, he now recognizes people and can point to his needs.

Making Communities inclusive is a programme initiated by Astha. With support from Royal Bank of Scotland and D.E. Shaw & Company under CAF India’s Empployee Giving program – Give As You Earn (GAYE) initiative, 8 year old Manthan is putting up a brave face fighting Cerebral Palsy.

*Astha is a CAF India validated NGO and is aided by our corporate partners Royal Bank of Scotland and D. E. Shaw and & Company.