Better sanitation facilities leads to positive environment in school

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Better sanitation facilities leads to positive environment in school


Many children in Agaram village near Chennai study in the local Government school. Although, children in the village loved going to the school many students were dropping out of the school as there had immense difficulty in using toilets in the school. The condition of washrooms in the school was bad. Students frequently faced issues of water inadequacy, sanitation and hygiene. Sunil and most other students in the school came from families which ensured proper sanitation facilities. They had immense difficulty in using dirty toilets in school. A number of students in his school faced constant health issues and fell sick all the time due to poor sanitation condition in school.

Parents were not keen on sending their children to school and children were very hesitant of using toilets when they were in school. Looking at the terrible condition of sanitation facilities in school Aircel and Rotary decided to support the sanitation and drinking water facilities in the school.

Under their CSR initiative in collaboration with CAF India, they set up a handwashing station, RO drinking water facility and 50 benches and desks in the school. The set up was a big relief for school authorities, parents and students. A team of students from the school were appointed to maintain the condition of the new facilities in the school. The team has also set up a nutritional garden with banana, drumsticks and other vegetables and flowers etc.

Since the time new toilet complex and clean water facility has been ensured, the students are regularly attending school. Sunil and his friends are now more enthusiastic and look forward to going to school every day. The students in the school are now more aware and motivated towards a hygienic lifestyle and being good citizens of India. But, this was not all. After the condition of toilets was fixed in the school, Sunil and other students made a big contribution in maintaining the facilities and making the school more environment friendly.