Empowering Kanchan through computer literacy

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Empowering Kanchan through computer literacy


Kanchan belongs to a poor family where her father is the sole breadwinner. She was married off when she was studying in Class XI but soon returned to her father’s house after suffering constant abuse at her husband’s house. Kanchan sought to support her father by picking up a job but since she lacked the basic working knowledge of a computer, she was rejected multiple times. Knowing how to operate a computer is almost a necessary qualification in the present age and enhances the potential for securing employment.

Deepalaya, a CAF validated NGO came to Kanchan’s rescue and enrolled her into their vocational training programme. Initially, her parents were reluctant to send her to the centre, but after some counselling they agreed. At the centre, Kanchan was introduced to the basics of the computer and its functions. Being bright and hard working, she picked it up fast. She completed her basic course with good grades and has been enrolled into the advanced level course at the centre.

Apart from learning computers, she has a keen interest in dancing and participates in all the cultural activities at the vocational centre. Her confidence has surged and her computer knowledge has helped her gain perspective in terms of employment and career. She aspires to join a NGO in order to help other marginalised people.

Deepalaya is a CAF validated and supported NGO, which is aided by our corporate partner Aon India under our CSR initiative.