Proper sanitation facilities make school a better place for studying

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Proper sanitation facilities make school a better place for studying


17-years-old Shobhna hails from a small village, Bahour in Puducherry and is a student of standard 12th. She goes to Annusamy Higher Secondary school in her village. Her parents are agricultural labourers and work very hard to make their ends meet. Even with the struggles of everyday life education of their daughter was always a priority for them. Complementing the aspirations of her parents Sobhna also took her studies very seriously and was excellent at academics. She was not only good at academics but also good at all extra-curricular activities. Overall, she enjoyed going to school and
interacting with students and teachers.

Although Shobhna and her friends loved their school problems like lack of sanitation facilities, scarcity of water for drinking and use in toilets and damaged flooring stopped them from being regular in school. Many times they had to skip school due to unhygienic sanitation facilities. At times they had to go back home from school for toilet and would not return. These problems led to great loss in their studies.

Rotary Club Aura City with support from Aircel and Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India repaired the school toilets, resumed water facility and repaired the floors of school. These changes in the school have now made the school a better place for studying. Shobana says, “Now me and my friends love to study and do not remain absent just because of a toilet. I want to be a teacher when I grow up so that I can provide children a good atmosphere to learn”.

The school has holistically developed after these facilities. The school teachers are involved in conducting awareness program for maintenance and use the infrastructure in an appropriate manner. IEC materials are also used to sensitise the staffs and children.

Shobana’s school was selected for Awards for Scout groups from President Award/ Rashtrapati Puraskar and Rajyapuraskar award from the Governor of Puducherry.