Srilekha’s courageous battle with AIDS

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Srilekha’s courageous battle with AIDS


Sri Lekha was diagnosed with AIDS at a very early age; her parents had died of AIDS. She survived through a long period of isolation and social boycott, abandoned by her relatives, and at one point in time she even struggled to find food and water. But she never let her courage fade, despite a very weak immune system, which led her to contract Tuberculosis (TB), making her extremely weak

A newspaper reporter discovered her at the roadside and brought her to a Microsoft supported NGO, Asha Jyothi, located in Medak district of Telangana. The doctors and staff at the centre were shocked to see her condition. As a consequence of poor physical growth, her body was not able to even digest food and the doctors at the centre predicted that the chances of her survival would only last for few more weeks; and her chances to lead a normal life if she were to survive the disease would be extremely bleak.

The caregivers at the Holistic Care Centre of the NGO in addition to the medical treatment emotionally supported Sri Lekha, and persuaded her believe in herself and seek a future to accomplish her dreams. Her story of survival is unique in itself, despite the odds, she fought the disease courageously. As a result of commitment of caregivers at the NGO to save her life, her condition has improved tremendously. Sri Lekha comes across as a chirpy girl, who likes to play throughout the day and likes to do her chores. Her story is truly inspiring and her survival is miraculous. Contribution from employees of Microsoft has been truly instrumental in supporting Sri Lekha’s battle AIDS and TB. The intervention was made possible by CAF India through its funding program of validated NGOs.

Asha Jyothi is a CAF India validated NGO aided by our corporate partner Microsoft through our workplace giving programme Give As You Earn.