Vishu’s fighting ‘Stand Up’ Efforts

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Vishu’s fighting ‘Stand Up’ Efforts


Vishu was just 3 years old when he was brought to Kushboo by his parents after being diagnosed with Down’s syndrome at AIIMS Delhi.

At the time of his admission, he was unable to stand or walk and was dependent on his parents for almost all the activities of daily living. He was enrolled in Kushboo’s Early Intervention Program “Sparsh” after requisite assessment by the multi-disciplinary team at Khushboo. The intervention program was drafted for him under which he was placed on Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Special Education. The program was explained to his parents to enable them to replicate the same at home as well.

Synchronized efforts by the team and his parents bore fruits. He showed remarkable improvements, standing and walking on his own within 6 months, just in time to celebrate his 4th Birthday. He was then registered in Kushboo’s preschool where he developed social, academic and personal skills. He learnt to finish his meals without any help from his parents, developed gross motor skills and is moving towards developing life skills in other areas.

He has now been admitted in the special education wing of a mainstream school where he is getting appropriate education and training along with other children. Although, he still requires customized intervention and Khushboo’s team closely monitors his progress with his class teachers to ensure his all round development, his is an example of how integration and giving the right treatment to children with disabilities can change a life.

*This project is a part of the “Early Intervention” program supported by American Express (India) Pvt Ltd/Royal Bank of Scotland Group